Strength and Honour Core Armies

Strength and Honour Core Armies


Early Imperial Romans

The rest of my really neat Antonine Miniatures units arrived from Warbases today, including some more Imperial Roman bases and the Parthians. The Parthian core units for my planned army consist of one base of Cataphracts and three of horse archers, the latter being really nicely designed so you can have them circling round to loose their arrows at the enemy. How cool is that? I’ll add some more of both of these later, possibly along with a few skirmishing infantry or even heavy camels when I get a chance to check out the army lists. 

The Imperial Romans by contrast are primarily on foot, with three legions in triple acies, two auxillary Cohors Quingenaria and one Cohors Milliaria with a skirmish line of auxilliary archers in front. There’s also a singe unit of cavalry, representing a Cohors Equitata Quingenaria. I have some strips of skirmishing infantry too but I’m not sure what I’m going to use them for yet. To this lot I will eventually add some more auxilliary units and perhaps a unit of allied infantry of some sort, who knows?
I’ll have a crack at painting a base up at some point soon…just don’t hold your breath as the decorating isn’t finished yet!

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