Strontium Dog Skimmer?

As part of the excellent Kickstarter bundle for Galactic Heroes, I was given a very nice 28mm ‚Rockets and Rayguns‘ style resin hover car. This is a lovely model and very well designed, with loads of Flash Gordon 1940’s pulp stylistic features. It is, however, not something that I have any real use for, as I’m not going to do pulp sci-fi for my Galactic Heroes games. 
On the other hand, I thought to myself, why not re-purpose it for Strontium Dog? This would require a little light surgery to remove the obviously pulp sci-fi bits and the addition of loads of stowage to give it more of a ’spaghetti western in space‘ look. I think this would work well and would make a useful extra element for scenarios. It’s worth a try at least?

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