Super Duper Soap Dishes

Super Duper Soap Dishes


Mr David Manley Esq. has very kindly sent me a flotilla of 1/2400th floating battery models, 3D printed from his own STL design and now available via Wargame Vault.

These are lovely little models, very crisp and finely detailed, with individual gunports clearly marked and integral masts. I was surprised how sturdy the masts are in fact. These will paint up a treat but I will base them on MDF first, so that I can blend them in to match my existing Tumbling Dice ships.

The French had five of these Devastation class batteries for use in the Crimean War, with another four built later for service in Indochina but not utilised. The Royal Navy also copied the design as the Aetna class for use in the Baltic, although again these did not see action as intended. 

I’ll use mine for my French ironclad coastal defence squadron, although they were all decommissioned by 1870, so in my alternative ‚What If?‘ campaign they will be given a new lease of life as rearmed floating batteries for harbour protection duties. 

A big thumbs up for these and an equally big thank you to David for his design work and generosity! You can find the free STL files here:

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