Syracusans vs Early Carthaginians – ADLG Game

Syracusans deployed

Carthaginians deployed
Side view of the Syracusan forces
Carthaginian cavalry on the left flank advance
Sacred Band, Libyan Spearmen and Carthaginian Spearmen
Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club for a 200 point L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game with Syracusans versus Early Carthaginians. Rick commanded the Syracusans and was the defender while I had the Carthaginians and was the attacker. In the end we ran out of time after slogging it out for quite a while. Both sides suffered similar casualties but neither had become demoralised, so it was a draw. All the Syracusan cavalry on their left flank were routed and the Carthaginians had a strong reserve remaining in the centre. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.
Carthaginian centre from the rear
The armies close
Carthaginians have a strong reserve in the centre
Action on the Carthaginian left flank
Slogging it out in the centre
Side view of the battle
Gaps appear but the game ends as a draw

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