SYW Austrian Artillery Goes Into Action

This evening I was scrolling through some of the 13,000 plus pictures that are on my desktop computer and stumbled across this series of an Austrian 12-pounder getting ready to go into action. I thought that they deserved to have a second look by the readers of this blog.

The artillery horses and the driver are from RSM miniatures. The limber and 12-pounder are Berliner Zinnfiguren models. The artillery crewmen and laborers are from Minden Miniatures.

Austrian 12-pounder limbered and on the move.

Unlimbering the piece.

Unlimbered and ready for action

The whole Austrian battery of 6-pounders and 12-pounders.

The 2-wheel ammunition cart from Minden Miniatures.

Minden Austrian 6-pounder

Minden Austrian 7-pound Howitzer

The Minden Austrian 12-pounder

The Minden Austrian 3-pounder

All of the Minden Austrian artillery equipment shown above are available on the Fife & Drum webstore:

Fife & Drum webstore

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