TAG Ottoman Tüfekçi - WIP

TAG Ottoman Tüfekçi – WIP

Here’s another group of TAG Ottomans, these guys are Tüfekçi. When I ordered them, I wasn’t sure what kind of troops they actually were, but wanted figures that looked a bit different than the Janissaries – for variety’s sake. According to what I’ve read, they were musketeers who were recruited from woodsmen/hunters, and were similar to light infantry skirmishers. Anyway, they have a very basic „uniform“ and most illustrations of them show them in red coats and caps. Here they are with a Minwax stain.

So far, I’ve been very pleased with these TAG figures. They have enough details to make them interesting, but also simple to paint. They also seem very sturdy for gaming – muskets barrels aren’t too thin and flimsy. Here they are picture below with the basic block paint job prior to staining.

Thank you all very much for stopping by, and wishing you all the best.

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