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Alternative Armies has hundreds of 28mm miniatures to choose from for high fantasy players, dungeon questers and role players taken from our own ranges plus those of Ganesha Games and Fantasy Warlord too.  Among these are value packs and a popular one of is the FL22 Adventurers Pack which has ten different characters in it.  We were  approached by a Youtube channel based in Mexico called Talking About Games which was very keen to review one of our packs.  The result of the trek of the miniatures around the world is this video which I hope you enjoy!

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It is a very honest review and it shows the many uses which FL22 Adventurers Pack can be put to.  Talking About Games also goes over other things which Alternative Armies does and it makes us happy that Abraham of TAG channel likes us and our miniatures so much.  
“To the tavern they come.  From all across the lands they walk or ride to reach the bar when the roles are assigned.  Upon entering their names and fame are measured and those who make the grade are permitted to approach the richly dressed man who sits by the bar side fireplace.  Eventually the best are chosen and offers golden coin to undertake a quest…an adventurer.  All of their skills will be needed.  All of their deadly arts put to use.  A map is shown and hands shaken.  The monsters will be slain and the Princess brought back alive to her father.  Now to the road and the dungeon!”
FL22 The Adventurers Party 
This value code contains ten different 28mm white metal miniatures of approx 28mm height.  Great quality, choice and value. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. The pack has a 15% saving applied compared to single miniatures taken from codes FL13 and FL14.  Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures. Go HERE. Poses in this composite value code are as follows:
FL13-01: Elf Fighter with two handed sword.
FL13-02: Human Bard with instrument.
FL13-03: Half Orc with lit torch and sword.
FL13-04: Human Cleric with shield and mace.
FL13-05: Female Halfling with lantern.
FL14-01: Elf Thief with dagger.
FL14-02: Female Human Thief.
FL14-03: Human Barbarian with two handed axe.
FL14-04: Human Ranger with bow.
FL14-05: Fighter in plate armour with greatsword. 
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