Tamiya 1/48 Jagdtiger – Ready for Action

Or how to burn over 500 points for a Bolt Action force. Not sure why anyone would want to field this in a 1,000 point game, but it is ready if needed. I managed to pick up a bottle of Tamiya Dark Yellow to dry brush over the hand-painted green camo striping. This seemed to tone the green down a bit, but it’s still nowhere as nice if it were airbrushed. However, I’ll likely never be an airbrusher – so, this will have to do.

Pin washing and adding the tools and spare tracks also help hide the flaws in the camo work.

The driver and commander are nice additions to the kit.

With some Victory Force Minis for scale.

The fit and finish of Tamiya kits are quite impressive – and these can be had for under $30 on ebay.

Thanks for visiting and allowing my indulgence into model kit building.

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