Tamiya 1/48 Jagdtiger – WIP

Greetings all. Apologies for the long absence, but here’s a „keep it alive“ post on another 1/48 scale Tamiya kit I’ve been working on. Actually, I put the kit together a couple of weeks ago, but was trying to find a local, off-the-shelf spray paint which would approximate the dreaded „dunkelgelb,“ the German Dark Yellow used on most of their late-war production tanks. I finally broke down and picked up a can of Tamiya TS-3 Dark Yellow off of ebay – if not for the shipping it would’ve been a decent price. Anyway, this is another superb kit with minimal parts; and I am actually getting better with putting the multi-piece tracks together. Here it is after a coat of the Tamiya Dark Yellow and some hand-painted camo stripes.

The green stripes were applied using successive layers of light watered down Vallejo acrylic. I plan to dry brush the base coat color over the stripes to soften the edges and tone down the green. Also, attaching the tools and spare tracks should hide most of the imperfections of the brushwork.

Doing some online researching, this green stripes over the basic dunkelgelb combination seems common for the 653rd Heavy Panzerjager Battalion – one of only two units which were issued Jagdtigers; the other being the 512th.

A total of only about 80 Jagdtigers saw service from late-1944 until the end of the war. It weighed 71 tons and the main gun was the 12.8cm Pak 44 L/55. It performed best in an ambush role, as would be expected by it’s powerful main gun. However, due to its weight it was prone to mechanical breakdown. Also, by the time it entered active service, the Allies held air supremacy which also limited its deployability. Interestingly, the first Jagdtiger that was destroyed in combat was taken out by a bazooka! Not sure who the grunt was who fired it, but he should’ve gotten a medal just for that.

In addition to the dry brushing, it’ll also get some pin washing and a little weathering. The kit also comes with a commander and driver – both will be added later. The hatches are held in place with masking tape on the inside for now.

Here I am next to the Jagdtiger at The Bovington Tank Museum which I visited several years ago. You can see how large it is – I’m about 6′ tall – give or take a foot.

So much for now; thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you all!

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