Tamiya 1/48th Soviet IS-2 Tank

Tamiya 1/48th Soviet IS-2 Tank

This is another 1/48th plastic kit – figured I need an IS-2 for late-war scenarios to face off Tigers and Panthers. Didn’t add the cool looking „don’t drop a bomb on me, comrade“ white markings for the assault on Berlin as it wasn’t used previously, and then not all tanks had the markings. I may add them later – maybe. But for now, this should be more than enough armor for late-war Bolt Action scenarios. This tank along with the SU-100 and pair of T34/85’s already in the inventory. According to Bolt Action stats, the SU-100’s gun counts as a „Super Heavy AT“ gun, whereas the IS-2’s gun as a „Heavy AT“ gun but with an increased HE of 2D6 hits vs. the usual D3. The IS-2’s gun is slow loading due to cramped turret space and can only be activated after another Soviet vehicle has activated (or attempted activation).

This is a very nice kit that has minimal parts and goes together fairly quickly. I attempted to use a bit of color modulation with the airbrush. Specifically, after using light grey primer, I hit some of the recesses and wheel and tracks with black. Also went over some of the higher areas with a lightened mixture of the olive green base coat. After this it was given an oil based pin wash and also highlighted edges with Vallejo Yellow Green. This last step seems to give it a nice overall appearance, IMO at least.

I had to replace the rear MMG after I accidentally broke it off. Luckily a spare length of 17 gauge guitar string fit the bill. I managed to Super Glue my thumb and index finger together while putting the string in. Used my left hand to search the internet on how to remove the Super Glue. Ended up running warm water over the area with some soap to release the bond. Amazingly, this is the very first time it’s ever happened to me – after years of using the glue.

I left off the grab handles on the sides of the turret as they might get broken off during intense wargaming.

The kit comes with a lenght of cord to use for the tow cables. It actually works well and wasn’t too fiddly.

The IS-2 flanked by a KV-1 and IS-3. All are 1/48th scale kits so should give a decent comparison of size and shape.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! The current force of 

IS-2’s and an ISU 122 in Berlin – note none seem to have the white aerial markings.

I now have to come up with a scenario to get most of these tanks in battle. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the blog. Wishing you all the best in health and the hobby!

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