Tarting up Tim's Trucks

Tarting up Tim’s Trucks

 Tim kindly donated even more of his old 15mm die cast trucks recently

Here they are as supplied, a pair of six wheelers which would pass muster as Fiat Dovencq 35 trucks with their dustinctive curved mudguards, and a lovely Commer Ambulance. 
I decided to just touch up the paint jobs on the six wheelers to match my other Italian trucks, but I wanted to do the Commer as an actual ambulance. 

Basecoats done and markings applied. As I was doing trucks, I also painted up a couple of spares I had in stock. 

Here they all are finished and based. 

The „Fiat“ trucks, apart from the extended section between the cab and rear bed, they look just like Fiat 35s. I did these in plain Italian green ochre. I left these on their original bases, but cut them down a bit, added some magnabase strip on the rear edge and a few clumps of static grass. These had their combat debut in the recent Operation Crusader game. 

I did the Ambulance in SCC2 Brown with black disruptive. This will be good for most theatres of war except Burma and maybe France 1940. Why on earth camouflage an ambulance? Well they just did. 

The cross on the roof is a decal, I hand painted the ones on the sides as I have very few ambulance decals left.  This also saw action in Operation Crusader as the XIII Corps medical column. 

These two generic lorries are some of Tim’s old AK47 die casts, modern flat bed lorries. I added sides to the flat beds, made up a 1940s style external radiator grill and add a post to split the huge windscreen. I did these in earth brown and mid green disruptive, so they will do as rear area transport for a range of combatants. 
These models have solid windows, so I painted them blue with white highlights. 

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