TBD Flotillas

TBD Flotillas

I’m trying to make up my mind about how to base the four Corrientes class torpedo boat destroyers for the Argentinian squadron. The options are to individually base, as I’ve done with the larger Chilean boats, or group together on a larger square base with two boats representing a flotilla. 

At the moment this looks like a 40mm x 40mm base but might be a little bigger to give them more space. In Fire When Ready this would be a 50mm x 50mm base which, in theory at least, might accommodate all four (or three) of the models, the Santa Fe having been lost in 1897.

This could represent the whole squadron of boats or I could do it 1:1 and have two flotillas of two boats each. Given the small number of destroyers involved I’m leaning toward single basing but may end up doing both, just to cover the bases, so to speak. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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