Team Yankee AAR – Soviet vs West Germans

I played my second team yankee game today, this time versus west germans. The game was fun but a total desaster. We played 40 points to test out some new unit types.


west germans:

West german combat detachment

  • marder HQ
  • marder platoon
  • 2 Leopard 2
  • 2 Jaguar 2
  • 2 Roland
  • 2 Tornados


Russian forces in position to defend the perimeter

Soviet reinforments

  • T64 HQ with atgm
  • 4 T64 with atgm
  • 2 ZSU23-4 Shilka
  • 2 BMP2
  • 2 Mil Mi 24 Hind
  • small air combat company


Germans moved into position but got attacked by a group of T64

Germans spread out to attack at long range

A group of Tornados tried a bomb run on the T64 but the Shilkas took ghem down before any bombs were dropped

At this point the game for the germans the game went a bit static

The soviets got reinforcements in shape of the glorious formation commander

Two tanks in the main combat company left the soviets don’t manage to take out the Leopard 2 tanks


Finally the Mil Mi 24 hinds arrived to help out, but were shot down

Desperate to help out the ZSU23-4 Shilka moved trough the wrecked T64, which both bogged down.

Germans closing in, luckily for the soviets completely missing the last T64

Finally! At least one mighty Leopard 2 destroyed

Shortly after the arrival of the BMP2 reserves the soviet forces are reduced to just a few teams. The game was lost

I cant remember every detail of the correct turns so I wrote everything up with the pictures. I hope you enjoy the small battle report. Cheers

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