Team Yankee – first game AAR

With my freshly raised soviet army we played our first Team Yankee game and decidet to write a small aar. We standard units without any special rules (so no aircrafts, infantry and aa units) We played the first mission using both 28 point forces.

The british :

The capitalist aggressor, which on that fateful day started a small scale attack to size importand mission objectives near a small gas station. 4 heavy chieftain main battle tanks were supported by 4 light Scorpion scouts.

  • 1 Chieftain HQ
  • 3 Chieftain tanks
  • 4 Scorpion scout tanks

The soviets:

The soviet forces which defended against the capitalist aggressions that day consists only of a few brav men from the local tank brigade. 5 T64 main battle tanks and 2 BMP2 scouts were the only available troops that glorious day.

  • 1 T64 HQ
  • 4 T64
  • 2 BMP2 recon

Turn 1:

Soviet tanks moved into position forming a line to open fire at capitalist enemy. While the remaining BMP2 scout drove his tank into cover to hopefully avoid getting shot by the Scorpions. No Scorpions were harmed while doing that manover.

The brits opened the fight by driving into firing position and opening fire. The Scorpions on the britisch left flank managed to destroy one BMP2 but the remaining vehicle decidet to stay in the fight. The mighty Chieftain tanks however dont hit anything. Crying out for revenge on their precious scout vehicle the soviet tanks moved into position on the edge of the trees and the gas station and take out the first Chieftain tank. The remaining BMP then moved into cover to hide from the nasty Scorpions.

Turn 2:

Two soviet tanks are destroyed. But the remaining ones continuing firing at the chieftain tanks in line. While the Scorpions outflank the soviets and wait patiently covered by a hill.

The last two remaining chieftains. Holding their ground versus the soviet attacks.

The british commander decidet to send the Scorpions to outflank the enemy, driving at ridiculous speed. One of the british MBTs then moved to a better firing position ner the wrecked Chieftain. Seeking revenge the british chieftains managed to destroy 2 T64 this turn. Having no reinforcements left on the right flank the commander of the soviet tank detachment moved alongside the gas station to face the british commander. he missed the vehicle close but his comrades in the tree line managed to destroy the Chieftain tank which was foolish enough to move towards the thin red line.

Turn 3:

The Scorpion tanks tanking up firing position on around a small hill close enough to one of the strategical objectives but their rain of HEAT projectiles could not harm the enemy commander. On the other side the Chieftain commander moved towards his enemy, but missed the target. Seeing the end of a fierce fight the remaining tanks of the T64 platoon moved forward towards their objective but could not manage to take out the last Chieftain. Upset by the poor performance of his fellow tankers the commander ordred his tank crew to retreat to secure the objective and open fire at the Chieftain HQ which shortly after exploded.

Turn 4:

The soviet commander turned around the turret of his t64, trying to destroy some of the Scorpion tanks. He managed to hit 2 of them but the bullets of the heavy machine gun did not harm them.

While the Scorpions bravely trying to capture mission objective one, the last Chieftain fired at the T64 platoon, bailing one tank and made the crews abandon their vehicles. The last T64 now trying desperate measures firing the heavy  machine gun at the small tanks, with no effect.

Turn 5:

Last turn, the lonely soviet tank was not able to defend both objectives. Brits won the game.

The british Chieftain now moving at full speed seizing the mission objective. The lonely soviet tank now without any chance to secure both objectives gave up the fight, letting the capitalist win the battle.

Well for the first Team Yankee game that was a really nice and quick game. I think a made a few mistakes but my opponent on the other hand rolled far to many 1s. Next week we will increase the points to 30 and after that maybe at the end of next week take some helos to the fight. I hope you enjoyed the aar, since I played the russian army I made just a few pictures.


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