Team Yankee – soviet T64 tanks

I finished the first batch of soviet MBTs. Since I love the looks and mobility of the T64 I decidet to build a T64 tankovy company rather than the more usual T72. The models are from Battlefronts Yuris Wolves box set and come with 5 T64, 2 BMP2 and a mini rulebook. The all plastic minis are amazing and they even put in 2 AA mgs since these parts are really fragile.

To get a more unique look amongst the tank hord I painted them in a 3 tone camouflage pattern. At first I sprayed on German Dunkelgelb (Plastic Soldier Company) covering the whole vehicle exept the road wheels. After that I use Pattafix to mask the tanks in irregular patterns. Then I coverd the whole tank in soviet green (Team Yankee warpray). The rest is painted with a brush starting with the small black lines to finish of the camouflage. After that the usual tank painting steps could begin: chipping, tracks, machine gun, drybrush over the camouflage. I painted the optiks, vision slits, IR searchlights a bit unhistorical just to make them pop out a bit and create some eyecather to break of the camouflage a bit.

This time I want to test something new so I varnished the vehicles with satin spray. I now used AK oilwash to bring in some debth. Just using the tip of the brush in and the oilwash will flow were you want it to go. Its a bit time consuming compared to a general wash but the result looks amazing. Recess wash can afterwards be removed with white spirit.

After everything is dry I used thinned down light brown and bege to simulate dust around the tracks and mudguards. Additional drybrush creates a really dirty combat worn look.

Overall I´m really pleased with the result. Now I just have to redo that on another 5 T64 and 9 BMP2 … yay.

Hope you enjoy, cheers.

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