Tempests and Doras

I have a new digital book to read over the weekend, the Osprey Duel Series Tempest V vs. Fw190D-9. I’ve always liked the look of these two fighter aircraft and already have sections of both types in my Bag the Hun 1/285th scale collection. The Tempests are Raiden Miniatures and are fine but the Doras are the lovely Museum Miniatures castings, which are a joy to paint and suitably sleek.

They are really powerful and well armed in Bag the Hun and make for a good match if you want a fast and dirty dogfight, especially in the hands of Veteran or Ace pilots. I’m also interested in potential scenarios for the Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Lard Enough games day in which these two might feature, perhaps alongside some Me262’s in a landing pattern. Tally Ho!

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