Terrain Tuesday Gallic Village and buildings Part 1

Terrain Tuesday Gallic Village and buildings Part 1

Gallic buildings

My next terrain project is to get back to building some ancient terrain, first thing to complete is some Gallic buildings that can be stand alone or part of my hill fort build.

Inspiration will be taken from our local museum and the archeological report from Moulay Gallic fortress, the oppidum / hill fort is about 5klm from our house.

When wargamers build typical Gallic building they predominantly build round ones, looking at the archeological report on the 60HA site at Moulay only 10% were round and mostly animal shelters, workshops or storage. The majority are rectangular and some are quite big and include a theatre /council amphitheatre in Greek style, and a shrine.

I plan to build a number of buildings for residential, central buildings theatre and shrine and maybe a workshops area and some farms on the exterior of the Gallic Oppidum fortress. 

typical Gallic buildings
artist impression of the workshops

Gaulois building typical at Moulay 53BC

Gaulois building typical at Moulay 53BC


one of the buildings was a theatre or perhaps a parliament council, or sale yard, I want to add this model to my village.

Gallic Farms

Gallic Farm steas with it own boundary ditch and walls, these are all along the roads leading into the village along the route of the modern motorway
Gallic farm model

Gallic Head Hunter Shrine

Moualy does have a shrine but no evidence of a head hunter shrine as the current church is built over the site, the Diablintes and Cenomani may of taken heads so I will add one I think.

Gallic head hunter shrine near Tours

Stone pillars the heads were placed in the hollowed out pieces

Excited to get cracking on these!

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