The Assault Group Pike & Shotte Dragoon Horse Holders

The Assault Group Pike & Shotte Dragoon Horse Holders

These are from the last TAG Pike & Shotte pack from the Panzer Depot liquidation sale a few weeks ago.

Very nice sculpts, and the horses themselves are very nicely proportioned.

They’re mounted on Litko 50mm rounds. I suppose they could be used for markers or possibly messengers. Or, I may have to order a box of Warlord Games Dragoons which they can join up with.

I’ve come to really enjoy painting up figures from this period. The clothing, in particular, with minimal details (no piping, lacing, etc.) and basic colors (mainly reds, blues and grays) – make for quick painting. The large folds in the clothing takes Minwax staining followed by highlighting very nicely too.

Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits!

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