The Best of Purk Radio

I have a number of play lists on my Spotify music app and one of them, Purk Radio, has approximately 100 tunes. I decided that I needed to whittle the list down to a Top Thirty, which I call „The Best of Purk Radio“. This is my go to music list
The Top Ten
1. Ain’t That A Shame (Live at Budacon)  – Cheap Trick
2. LaGrange – ZZ Top
3. Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith
4. Pink Houses – John Mellencamp
5. Lawyers Guns and Money – Warren Zevon
6. Take It Easy – The Eagles
7. Listen to the Music – Doobie Brothers
8. You Better You Bet – The Who (thanks to Steve Gill for this one)
9. Don’t Fear the Reaper (the Cowbell Song on SNL) – Blue Oyser Cult
10. Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
The Second Ten
11.  Surrender – Cheap Trick
12.  Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival
13.  Workin‘ For the Weekend – Loverboy
14.  Takin‘ Care of Business – Bachman, Turner Overdrive
15.  We’re Not Going To Take It – Twisted Sister
16.  Hold On Loosely – 38 Special
17.  Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
18.  Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
19.  Who Are You – The Who
20.  American Women – The Guess Who
The Third Ten 
21. Lido Shuffle – Box Scaggs
22. Rock And Roll All Night – KISS
23. Baba O’Reilly – The Who
24. Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh
25. Authority Song – John Mellencamp
26. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
27. Running on Empty – Jackson Browne
28. Already Gone – The Eagles
29. Honky Tonk Woman – Rolling Stones
30. We Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

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