The Black Bands of Giovanni

This is my first proper Renaissance unit, representing the pike element of the Bande Nere of Giovanni de‘ Medici, as they might have appeared in the 1520s, after his death. Uniform details for his „orphans“ are scarce, other than they wore predominately black mourning clothes. They are a sombre unit!
The superb black flags, with demons, are from Peter’s flags on eBay. The minis are all Perry plastic mercenaries, painted by Shaun McTague, Richard Hampson-Smith and myself. I based them on my favourite wobbly-edged Batbase, the FK&P06, which I designed for the ECW but which turn out to be good for pretty much everything. I can field two of the elements on a 15cm grid, or all three on a 20cm grid.
Below is a shot including a command stand. I am currently raising the Bande Nere arquebusiers- I plan to field at least twice as many as there are pike. I am also sorely tempted to add a fourth rank of pike, and some mounted infantry.

I’ve no particular idea what I’m going to use them for, yet, but they are too good a unit not to represent!

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