The Circle of (Basing) Life

The Circle of (Basing) Life

A year ago, I decided to reorganise my small wing of Persians into larger regiments, and asked Redzed to paint another dozen for me. I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the job, but needed to tackle the sad business of stripping the existing minis from their old (but sadly attractive and very serviceable) bases. Above is a photo of them in the process of debasing; the old bases have been soaked for 24 hours in water. Once softened, I gingerly pulled the minis off them, and salvaged the valuable tufts and even the magnets that were glued into the base. Thrifty, neh!

Here they are, glued onto their new bases, more densely packed than  previously and in two ranks, instead of one. You may be able to make out the holes into which I fit my magnets. Once the wood glue has dried, I’ll grout, flock and tuft and the circle of (basing) life will be complete. Until the next time…

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