The Magnificent Eight......

The Magnificent Eight……

The Internet is awash with – What a Cowboy….

Jumping aboard the stagecoach…. The return of the “Cinderella Cattle Company”.

The Magnificent Eight......

Having recently reclaimed some of your stolen cattle from the Federales in a vicious fight at one of their strongholds the CCC head east towards Laredo to resupply. Tired and weary they are surprised to discover that the town has hardly any men and no law to look after those that remain. The townsfolk tell of the Mexican Federales who constantly cross the border and raid Laredo for food, supplies and men to work on the newly constructed railway near Santa Maria. They are due back any day now and without any protection the townsfolk are at the Federales mercy. Laredo’s bank has been turned into the towns store where all supplies needed to survive the coming months has been hidden. The Federales will attempt to take it.

The CCC are the towns only hope. Tom Keifer agrees to help. Barking orders telling his men to make preparations to defend the town. In true Magnificent Seven fashion – the Cinderella Cattle Company deploy across the town covering the potential entry points and the approach of the Mexican wagons.

On with the game.
The Federale troops were many and the cattle company few…. but they they had a few tricks up their sleeve. Lighting a cigar and tossing a stick of dynamite from an upstairs window into the street below – BOOM. 
Larry Mazar…strikes the first blow……
Hiding out in the jail, Jody Cortez and Drew Hickey ready themselves as a number of Federals fill the street.
The wagons stripped of their escort rush into town how Tom Keifer was waiting for them and from a window in the store takes out the wagon drivers. Lucky the dog leaves his mark.
Despite taking down a number of the Mexican’s the Cinderella Cattle Company were being push backwards and were running out of options by moving they had kept the Mexican army on the back foot, but they where starting to pinned in place by the superior numbers.
The clash in the Jail, full of smoke and lead – in an echo of Davey Crocket at the Alamo many years before  Jeff Lebar was gunned down in a cell unable to hold off the attackers any longer.
In the East of the town the Mexican Captain draws on the Cowboy leader and ducks back one of his men taking the bullet that was meant for him.
In the North of the town the attackers were closing in on the bank and it’s stores. Stinky Pete let’s fly gunning down another Mexican. But was unable to hold back the Federales.
With half their number down or out of the fight the Cinderella Cattle Company head of the hills. Little to show for their efforts in the way of Gold, but valuable experience in the on going campaign.
Roll the credits…….. 

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