The Noble Knight Games 28mm Female Knight Miniature

As Alternative Armies prime agent in the United States of America we have an excellent working relationship with Noble Knight Games. Noble Knight is one of the largest sellers of new and second hand miniatures, board games and many other gaming related items. You can see the thousands of our codes which they carry HERE. Recently we were delighted to assist Noble Knight in some new graphics for their website and in creating a very special miniature. The 28mm embodiment of their logo..the Noble Knight herself. 
You can only get this miniature, manufactured by Alternative Armies, from Noble Knight Games on their website HERE. It is a wonderfully detailed and posed plate armoured knight with a sword and her long hair flowing in the wind. 
What could you do with such a miniature in your collection? Well almost anything! The Noble Knight makes for a fine roleplay character or a member of your band of adventurers in any game system. Is she a Paladin? The daughter of a Noble? An orphan who has campaigned long to pay for her armour? Does she lead a group of Knights? 
The Noble Knight has a sister in our own ranges in the form of the Midsummer Druidess a lady who did not take up the sword but rather sought magic through nature. These two would look fine on your table top. You can get this miniature from Noble Knight Games too HERE
Alternative Armies has thousands of miniatures on its website and almost all of these are in stock with Noble Knight in the USA. They run frequent offers and their diversity of products is simply mind blowing. If you have not visited them then please do. If you are interested in carrying our ranges for trade accounts then contact Noble Knight if you are in the USA in the first instance. 
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