<div>The Other Partizan 2023 - Who's going?</div>

The Other Partizan 2023 – Who’s going?


Four Rejects, Postie, Steve, Dave and myself will be hightailing up north (nose bleed alert!) early Sunday morning, to visit The Other Partizan at the Newark Showground.
Poor BigLee can’t make it due to his dodgy leg and Richard is giving it a miss this time round.
Hopefully we’ll all be in our red tshirts, so if you see us, please stop and say hi.
There’s always loads to see and drool over I’m looking forward to seeing Barry Hilton’s new Rolling Thunder rules in action and picking up some ratlines for my ships and loads of bases Martin & Co at Warbases, for my Mad For War project.  Hopefully there’ll be something else there that catches my eye as well????
See you there!!!

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