The Raid on Los Banos – A Chain of Command Scenario.

Sometimes you have to be that little bit creative if you are to get all the toys on the table.
My opponent had invested in a shiny new platoon of US Para’s all tooled up but no one to fight, meanwhile my Japs have been locked in their case for a year or so – There must be a scenario surely when these to forces fought?
Google of course came to our rescue and an encounter in early 1945 were the 1st Battlalion 511th took part in the Raid at Los Baños, freeing over 2,000 foreign Allied civilians from a Japanese internment camp south of Manila, this midweek scenario represents the assault on the main gate.
The Guard House, the Para’s will be coming on from the right.

The camp Garrison deploy.

The 511th look to flank the Japanese defenders.

So much for the curse of newly painted figures.

On the left flank Marines in support move up.

A double 6 and to moves on the trot allow the US to catch the Japs napping.

Tommy guns and BAR’s make short work of the defenders.

In a vain attempt to push the Para’s back, with a Banzai the Japs charge.
It’s all over the Japs force morale breaks.
A terrible game for the Japanese the formation was to cumbersome with no teams within the section and mad charges could not match the US fire power in close combat. The surprise entry of the tank made no difference and the Japanese force morale was broken in under 2 hours….
I shall be putting this one down to experience – Who said newly painted figures always lose.

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