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The Return of "Not The Riders of Rohan"
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The Return of „Not The Riders of Rohan“

I finally got around to painting my second box of Gripping Beast Goth cavalry as my Norther Riders (not those fine chaps from Rohan). This is pretty much just a bunch of photo’s. If you want to read what I previously had to say about these figures you can read it here: My First Rider Post.

I’ve posed them in various groupings. Apart from the obvious bonus of having twice as many figures I now have the option of fielding them in several alternative units. Above: One large formed unit of 24 figures or (below) four smaller units of 6 figures

Below they make up three loose units of 8 figures each.

The last alternative is one large loose unit of 24 figures, although I think this might make them a bit unwieldly.

And that’s them. I would get another box but the lack of poses really gets to me. That arm-up-in-the-air pose really started annoying me whilst making this lot. And it seems that all of the Gripping Beast cavalry boxes have these same three poses with the only difference being slightly different armour and different heads.

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