The Return of the Teddy Bear Wars

The Brown Bears versus the Black Bears. The objective of the game is to capture the most M&Ms candies.

You asked for it, you want it, so you’re going to get it – The Teddy Bear Wars are coming back! The epic battles between Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe and Der Alte Fritz will continue after a few year’s hiatus. Methinks that Lady Cuddleston-Smythe recognizes a good mark when she sees one (that would be me, don’t you know).

Lady Emma („the good guys“) and Der Alte Fritz („the bad guys“) will be playing our next game tomorrow, Friday and a game report will be posted afterwords. In the meantime, here are some pictures from our past games from 2007 to 2011:

Lady Emma in 2017
Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe at the 2011 game.

Our 2009 game.

Our 2008 game.

Our very first Teddy Bear Wars game in 2007

Der Alte Fritz has a losing record of 0-4 in wins/losses and has proven to not be the tactical strategist that Lady Emma is. Maybe I will prevail for once, but I doubt it.

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