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The Skaven, Ratmen, the Ratkin, the "Children of the Horned Rat #3 (Gutter Runner)
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The Skaven, Ratmen, the Ratkin, the „Children of the Horned Rat #3 (Gutter Runner)



Today is the third and so far the last post dedicated to the Skaven!

         I have already painted all the metal oldhammer models that I owned and I have no plans to buy new ones this year (to be precise, my personal challenge is not buying any new models – recently I calculated my cabinets of shame and I can easily paint and not buy anything… 10 years).

        Hero of this post is Gutter Runner (C47 Skaven, Jes Goodwin, 1986), I bought it a long time ago, but from the beginning I really liked this old-school design.

Gutter Runners are those quick and flexible Skaven promoted from the lowly ranks of the Night Runners. They are the best of that caste of ratmen, former Nightleaders given more responsiblity in the clan and leading their regiments against Eshin’s enemies.

        Champions among the Gutter Runner ranks are refered to as Death Runners.Those Gutter Runners with particular skill in the Art of the Silent death go on to be Master Assassins.


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