The Tides of March

The Tides of March

The Channel Fleet 1898
I’ve been really enjoying painting the Chilean and Argentinian pre-dreadnoughts and, despite snail-like progress this week, I’m expecting to finish them by the end of the weekend. They are very much a test run for larger fleets, developing an approach to painting that gets results without too much farting about, so I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of the month to more pre-dreadnought production. 
This will initially include some extras for the South American project but will go on to produce two opposing fleets for either the Royal Navy and French in the Mediterranean c1900 or the US Navy and the Spanish, the latter for the Span Am War of 1898. I’ve chosen these combinations as, in both cases, I have one of the two fleets already based and undercoated, making it a paint one, base one, paint the other one project, which should speed things up no end. 
There are still a lot of ships to get through, however, so a production line approach is clearly the order of the day! The aim is to complete all of this by the end of the month, take a bit of a break over the Easter holidays, then start afresh on the Red Actions! Russian Civil War project in April, the latter being my bog project for the Summer. 

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