Thematic Byzantine, Thematic (Light) Kavallarioi Unit

Thematic Byzantine, Thematic (Light) Kavallarioi Unit

Dropping down in both levels of training and a paucity of funds this unit when compared to the last lavishly equipped Tagma regiment this unit has mainly been used to policing actions in one of the far flung Themes of then Empire. They are equipped as Light Cavalry and are equipped with mail shirts, shields and helmets only. 

In game terms, in particular the WAB friendly event I plan on taking place in this year, this unit has been based on single very old school(!) bases so it can be split up into component parts and skirmish. 

I do have plans to eventually use some of my Thematic/Tagmatic Kavallarioi units as Defensores and Cursores by adding a back rank of Hippo Toxotai, but that’s something for the future. I need to concentrate on getting the bare bones of the army complete before I start going mad!

In the event that some of you may be interested in a more granular view of the miniatures, here are some close ups of the single models. There may appear to be some „icing“ on the models but in fact I just forgot to dust them down as they have been sitting on a shelf for a day or so. (I just hope it’s not dandruff!)
All the images are „clickable“ should you wish to enlarge them. Those above this too.

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