Thutmose III and more Mitanni

Thutmose III and more Mitanni


Here’s Thutmose III in his chariot and two more Mitanni Maryannu that I’ve just finished painting, all heading to the Battle of Megiddo! The Thutmose III figure is by Cutting Edge/Warlord and the Mitanni Maryannu by Magister Militum. These figures are great value, a pack of five for 27 pounds! There are some comparison shots below with two Foundry Mitanni chariots I painted a few years ago. All of these chariots are great figures but the Foundry chariots are now 22 pounds each…

I’ve just finished reading Richard Gabriel’s military biography of Thutmose III, a fascinating read. The logistics and planning that went in to his campaigns in Syria, particularly crossing the Euphrates, are just staggering. He even found time on the return journey to go elephant hunting in Niya, Syria, like his grandfather Thutmose I, who had also crossed the Euphrates on campaign. Definitely recommended reading if you’re interested in New Kingdom Egyptian history.

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