Tigers Striped - 1/48th Tamiya and AFV Club Models

Tigers Striped – 1/48th Tamiya and AFV Club Models

Pulled out the airbrush again today. Initially only planned to prime them, but ended up adding the camo. The one without tracks is the AFV kit that has zimmerit molded on; the other one is the Tamiya.

This time I used the Vallejo set that has Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 and other colors. I painted the Tamiya first using the Olivgrun RAL 6003, but it looked too dark. For the AFV Tiger I added a some brighter green from the other Vallejo set I had. The Rotbraun RAL 8017 was also a bit too dark for my tastes so I added some reddish Rotbraun RAL 8012 (primer) to it.

The pattern on the Tamiya reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown’s t-shirt design.

For detailing I plan to use oil washes – it’ll be another first for me. Supposedly this is a better way to do pin-lining as the oil based wash can be cleaned up using mineral spirits/thinner which should leave the acrylic painted camo unaffected.

Pretty satisfied with the results of the airbrush. One thing that was a little troublesome was having to stop a few times to clean and unclog the airbrush.  Also, as this airbrush doesn’t have a detachable paint cup, I had to clean it out between colors.

I also painted up and stained some tank commanders. The one on the far left is from the Tamiya kit and the rest from an old box of Bandai figures.

Well it was nice to get more familiar with the airbrush. Thanks again for dropping by and wishing you all the best.

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