To Gloss, Or Not?

With approximately 450 figures to base for my Pickett’s Charge Project, it’s time to make the important decision whether to spray the figures with a gloss finish, or use a matt/flat finish. I’ve heard that some people use both, starting with a gloss coating on the figure and followed up with a spritz of Dull Cote or similar spray matt finishes. I did a test figure using the gloss/matte method and while it looked alright, some of the gloss shine was coming through the matte layer.

Gloss looks good on my Ancients and Sudan figures, but I kind of lean towards a matte finish for the American Civil War for some reason.

I’m wondering what the great Hive Mind has to say about the choice of finishes on my ACW figures.

Leave your responses in the comments section below, please.


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