Today’s the day!

This afternoon I will undergo my final radiotherapy session.

My first of thirty-seven sessions took place on Thursday 31st August … which seems like an age ago. I am hoping that the treatment will be successful and that the radiotherapy has killed off the cancer cells in my prostate and lymph glands, but I won’t know until early next January. Between now and then, new, cancer-free cells should grow and replace the destroyed cancer cells. As a rule-of-thumb, I am told that it will take me one day to recover for each day of treatment, and that the fatigue and other side effects I am suffering from will slowly dissipate.

More importantly, I hope that my enthusiasm and energy for wargaming and blogging will return in spades. My growing fatigue has meant that over the past few weeks I’ve been lucky if I’ve been able to concentrate long enough to paint or write for more than thirty minutes a day. Hopefully, as my energy levels increase, so will my enthusiasm.

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