TOR7 The Snake Pit version 2017 released!

The last release of the month at Alternative Armies is a classic updated.  Adding to the Torture Chamber 28mm range from the 1980’s we have the seventh code in the line up.  It is not quite the original though as, due to mold loss, we did not have all the parts of the original model to re-master. So this new ‚2017‘ version is close to the original, fits in well, and is now in white metal and resin. Go HERE to see the whole range or read or for more.  Oh and it is censored so if you wish to see the original images please visit the website.
TOR7 The Snake Pit 2017
This pack contains the following pieces.  A resin stone pit which is about 30mm across and features chains and snakes.  A semi-nude female captive which can be used on its own or in the pit; fitting into the snakes and chains. This is not the original 1980’s code but a close new sculpt in 2017 by Sam Croes which fits right into the range. 
The Pit on its own
Scale shot with FL13 and FL14 Adventurers
The Torture Chamber miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the product menu on our website’s pages. Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. You can also choose to purchase poses or parts from the packs as shown on their own. Go HERE.
The Torture Chamber Collection.  This classic Asgard range from the 1980’s is being brought back to the world at the rate of a code or two a month by Alternative Armies.  Excellent for roleplay, dungeon crawl, dioramas and wargaming you can purchase the packs or parts of them if you just want some of the furniture or the people from them.  We have so far the following.  The Whipping Beam, The Cage, The Rack, The Branding Iron and The High Inquisitor on Thone.  There will be more in September.  Excellent stuff.  Go HERE to see them all.
Remember to check out our Weekly Deals which are 20% off three different randomly selected codes. One Flintloque, one High Fantasy and one 15mm scale.  Twenty percent off for seven days of all options for that code.  The deals changed every Monday.  Have a look HERE.
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