Truck treasure trove

Truck treasure trove

 Tim’s generosity knows no bounds! At our recent Cold War game he produced another box of wheeled transport which was surplus to requirements. 

A veritable fleet of six lorries of various types. These are all surplus from various Megablitz units (the ambulance is marked as 90th Light Div staff).

A pair of huge Lancia trucks. Peter Pig. 

And a Fiat. Another PP. Tim tells me this is actually a Renault truck, well, whatever. 

A PP Granit ambulance. I’ve got one of these already.

And finally a pair of Corgi die-cast flat bed trucks. I had some of these in my AK47 collection. I may build up the sides a bit, but I’ll see when it comes to it. 
What a great haul, the open bed trucks are especially useful for supply and engineering vehicles. I’ll get this lot primed and then figure out what to do with them. 

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