Truck Trio Part 2

Truck Trio Part 2

 Avid readers will recall that Tim donated some 15mm metal trucks to my collection.

They didn’t need any renovations apart from a bit of cleaning up, so I just re painted and based them. The only repair work was on the LWB Bedford as one of the sides fell off, I stuck it back on again with some very strong glue as there isn’t much support to keep in place and fat fingered wargamers are bound to pick it up by the thin metal sides. if it happens again I’ll add a tailgate to give it some rigidity.
I did think about doing some camo on these, but my Allied trucks are almost all in plain green to keep them generic, so I just did these in late war khaki drab (Vallejo Russian Uniform with a wash of Bronze Green).

They go some mud around the undersides and a drybrush of dust to pick out the highlights. I also did the windows mid blue with white ‚highlights‘. I didn’t bother with any markings.

What colour to paint the tail beds? I’m sure irl they are painted the same colour as everything else (but could I find any colour photos of truck insides? no, apart from portee guns) , but they will obviously suffer some wear and tear, so I did them in khaki brown.

They got the usual bases with builders sand and grass, and a couple of magnetic strips. The LOG labels are for use as supply trucks in Megablitz type games.

I’ve now got quite a few Allied lorries, which got me thinking I’ve now got enough to put on a short compaign I’ve run many times before, but never in 15mm. I’ve already mentally planned the required OBs, and I just need a couple more bits and pieces and we’d be good to go on one of the Friday games. Watch this space.

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