Twelth Bloggiversary

Twelth Bloggiversary

The eponymous Bat that named this blog- yes, that is a 28mm model- almost a metre wide
A reminder popped up on Sunday to remind me that I have been blogging for 12 years, since 8th November 2008; how quickly the years have rushed past! Here are twelve links to some of my favourite blog posts from the duodecennial period. Links will take you to each blog post. All images will expand, if clicked.

2008 – The very first post – looks like I failed to add a title! I was also experimenting with formats. A democrat had just won the US election and there was a major economic crisis underway, so no change there. Mind you, there wasn’t also a plague back then. :-/

2008 – My first phalanx – I had a modest 60 phalangites back then. To see how it has swelled over the years, see also the Magnesia phalanx, below!

An early game in the BigRedBatCave- Ruspina 46 BCE, played back in ’09

2009 – Zama at Salute – this super Command and Colours game was run at Bletchley and later at Salute- lots of fun with chums including Dug, Ian, Nick Speller and Keith and Adam from Aventine. We even won a prize!

2009 – Glorantha – I’m a big fan of Gloranthan fantasy – the BigRedBat title of the blog comes from the Lunar Empire. Below is one of my favourite models. One day I’ll write that fantasy version of TtS!…

2011 – Hail Caesar – I played this game of Hail Caesar with chum my good chum Ian – had great hopes for the rules- but that night we fell out over measurements and angles. After the game I decided to write a set of grid-based rules, which Ian was a huge help with. If we hadn’t scrapped, that night, I’d never have written TtS!

2014 – Cremona at Partizan-in-the-park – possibly my favourite display game at the best-ever Partizan. The best lighting I ever experienced at Kelham Hall, by a factor of ten! 😉

2015 – To the Strongest! – was released. It had taken me four years to get the rules right – I’m not the world’s fastest writer! 🙂 Happily they have proved popular and enduring- I’m currently working on some army list books and the 

2017 – The Wargames Holiday Centre – I’ve enjoyed a great many gigs with Mark Freeth at the Wargames Holiday Centre. This event in 2017 was one of the largest!

The Battle of Ipsus at the Wargames Holiday Centre – not skirmish!

2018 – Soggy Bottom – This huge ECW For King and Parliament game visited most of the big shows, I think it looks a million dollars, and we had such fun with it.

2018 – Leviathans There have been many posts with images of elephants, but this is one of my favourites. Heck- just found this post– it’s even better! I have been modelling a lot more elephants for a big projected Ipsus game, but that’s all been delayed by Covid- hopefully next year, if there are any shows.

2018 – Magnesia Phalanx – at another Partizan, I modelled a 1:1 section through a 32-rank deep Seleucid phalanx. This by no means marks the end of my phalanx ambitions- Shaun McTague is painting a load more for me at the moment.

2019 – Mancetter at Salute – this was the first outing of last year’s huge Mancetter game- we had such a lot of fun with it! Won a trophy, too. 

So far the blog has had 1,276,284 page views, and, at a time when blogs are in something of a decline, still tracks at 12-14K views per month. A big shout out to everyone who has visited over the years, even to the numerous Russian bots! Thanks to all those who have helped me put on the demo games, helped me with the rules, or bought the rules which fund me to keep on writing the rules! Here’s to many more blog posts!

So to sign off, here’s a picture of Cremona at Salute at Partizan in the Park back in ’15. I just love that pontoon bridge, I really should run that game again…

Cremona at Partizan back in 2014

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