Two nights in Stalingrad - part 3

Two nights in Stalingrad – part 3

Late November 1942: another assault on the ferry crossing as Chuikov declares he will defend it ‚to the last man.‘  It it pointed out that he is now that last man…   Furious Sov counter attacks on the Tractor factory frustrate German pioneers infiltrating using the sewers.  Manstein fails to achieve a breakthrough.

Early December: The Germans finally capture the west bank of the ferry crossing.  Hube ensures that the men are well fed. Tarasov reinforces Golodny Island and prepared to repel boarders.

Late December: Massive German assault on Golodny Island fails but reduces the garrison by more than half.  Tarasov now referred to as ‚The Hero of Golodny.‘  Sovs attack the Hill and a bloody stalemate ensues.  Stalin orders a huge encirclement.

Early January 1943: Sovs capture the Hill.  Germans mop up isolated pockets of resistance, Sovs refuse to surrender the city.  Manstein’s panzers arrive!

Normally we confine ourselves to silly hats.  Extra points to Mark (Chuikov) for an entertainingly convincing outfit!

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