UMS04 Diamyo Dodging cyberpunk starter set released

UMS04 Diamyo Dodging cyberpunk starter set released

New release!  The fourth complete little USEME starter set of booklet, sheets, miniatures, bases, dice with a saving baked in.  Joining UMS01 Danger on Outpost 32 (Grey Aliens vs Humans), UMS02 Ziggurat of Clem IV (Octopods vs Zidhe) and UMS03 Compound Interest (Cultists vs Post Apoc Warriors) we have a cyberpunk entry which sees Corporate Ashigaru facing up against the militarised police of Security Force Alpha.  See the new and these plus all sixteen of the USEME titles in print and digital download on the WEBSITE.

“The Wandsworth Zone is a part of Neo-London where few go willingly and fewer still survive any length of time there. During the uprising of ‘39 several biophage and radsick weapons were deployed and the zone is now a low toxic rubble strewn mess. In other words a perfect place to hide out and to hide things in. This was the case for Akaro Tamahachi Cyber Diamyo of the Lotus Free Lance ronin corporation.

During an aggressive take over what was left of the Lotus Free Lance fled the Tokyo Yokahama Combine for new lands. Opportunity abounds in Neo-London but there is a problem which Tamahatchi must deal with. His past. Due to the efforts of Cyber Assassin ‘Kitty’ Nagamo who very nearly managed to kill the Diamyo the authorities are now on the trail of the Lotus Free Lance. While Kitty has not travelled around the world to join the Police effort to deal with the new criminals she has revealed his past into the net and now its a race to see who gets to it first. The Lotus Free have installed themselves in the Wandsworth Zone and know that the militarised Metropolitan Police are on their way.

There is a hard point data terminal which contains Tamahatchi’s past wrong doings to which access must be blocked. The lair newly set up by the Lotus Free might be found and an escape carried out. Lastly one of the few still operating trains in the Zone will be highjacked before crashing and a final showdown undertaken. All under a sky riddled with data corruption and endless fog and rain. Now is the time for action!“

UMS04 Diamyo Dodging

Complete Starter Set with a saving. It contains the following items:

UM011 USE ME Cyberpunk rulebook

35 Metal 15mm Miniatures

35 Resin Bases

2 Small D6 Dice

Set of UMS04 Scenario Sheets including Rosters

The sheets containing the scenarios and rosters is included but you can get it for free from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.  This is the same for the other UMS packs and their sheets.  Have a read!

We have value packs for several of the forces in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range which give you all different poses with a saving built in too.  We have updated the pictures of the Corporate Ashigaru and of the first generation Security Force Alpha to go along with the new USEME set.

Until 8th May 2023 our Spring Mega Event is on at Alternative Armies.  See our BLOG for full details or visit the WEBSITE and have a browse.  20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout, 20 new releases, 100 deals and offers and a free model in every package shipped.  Superb!

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