Undaunted - Hot and Cold.

Undaunted – Hot and Cold.

Gaming and painting time has been a thin on the ground of late. I really need to pick up the pace with the Cotswold day just 6 weeks away and I still have a bunch of Western Desert stuff to finish.

The gaming room has been captured by the family using it a dumping ground for ’stuff‘. I need to wrestle back the space, which is surely a cue for a big game over a few nights. While I mull over the options, I have played a couple of Undaunted games which are surprisingly challenging for a board game/deck builder/war game.

I don’t play many board games but this has a very good feel to it and could easily be turned into a tabletop encounter. We mixed it up with an outing in the Western Desert as the LRDG attack an Italian Airfield looking to blow things up while the defenders looked to stop them.

The game was close with the plucky Brits managing to sneak a win destroying the plane, lorry and fuel dump, that will slow the Axis forces.
Meanwhile a second outing and this time the Stalingrad variant, things have definitely come on a bit, with a nice campaign sector where cards are swapped in and out for wounded and experience. The Pic below is the opening scenario with a Soviet push for the main square as the Germans and their LMG teams sweep the main approaches.

The Russians were able to swamp the left hand LMG team were defeated in a foolish rush across the street, damn you Fog of War cards……

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours,,,,, both games give a good feel for the period, the mechanisms work well the Stalingrad scenario book is particularly nice with an interesting linked scenario format.
Anyhow enough rambling those mini’s won’t paint themselves…….

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