USEME Mini Campaign and 16 Scenario free mega bundle by Vic Dobson

One of my fondest creations as a humble creator of wargaming content and books is USEME.  The ‚Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements‘ system has a dozen titles to its name and in print and download has been all over the world with eight thousand copies sold since first release.  I have played and seen played games with USEME from five 15mm figures a side to five hundred at conventions.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Starships, Zombies and more and all really easy plus without a setting you can fit them to your own wants.  
One of the firmest fans of USEME has agreed to make a massive bundle of content he created for the game free to download from us here at Alternative Armies.  Mr Vic Dobson has a mini-campaign as well as a map and sixteen single scenarios all in this bundle and it is meant for UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction and UM006 USEME Starship Battles.  Go HERE for the USEME page on our website and read on for the download link and an offer on some miniatures which feature in the range.
USEME Mini-Campaign, 16 Scenarios and Map Bundle
Written by Vic Dobson the mega bundle is a fantastic free edifice of USEME scenarios and more. Sixteen single and loosely linked scenarios.  The Battle of Beta Carotene, Tiger Run, Recon Run, The Raid, Bug Hunt (parts 1,2,3,4), Battle of the Spanners, The Patrol, The Valley of Death, A Bun in the Over, Run Fat Boy Run, A Fistful of Credits, Wendigo and lastly Night Flight to Mandagora.  On top of this is the mini-campaign called Smash and Grab.  There is also the space map that goes with all the scenarios and shows the factions. This is a mighty mountain of free gaming material lovingly assembled for your enjoyment with every scenario being fairly small scale with a playing time of ten to forty minutes.  They make use of Alternative Armies miniatures in the pictures and of Vic’s own table layouts and graphics.
CLICK HERE to download the free mini-campaign and fourteen scenario plus map bundle from our dropbox as a zip file.  Enjoy!
There are more than dozen titles in the USEME Series with more to come.  Written by authors including Gavin Syme (GBS), Omer Golan Joel, Kurt Benson, Bob McAlister and Alex Scott.  If you click on your chosen title on our website you can learn all about it, what period it covers, its contents, a short article on it and pictures of pages too. Do you Want a Set of Wargame Rules that are Fun, Simple and Elegant? That are used all over the World and take only minutes to learn?  Look no further!
UM001 15mm Science Fiction
UM002 15mm Fantasy
UM003 World War Two
UM004 Modern Warfare
UM005 American Civil War
UM006 Starship Battles
UM007 Post Apocalyptic
UM008 Wild West
UM009 Zombie Dawn
UM010 Support Pack (Expansion)
UM011 Cyberpunk
UM013 Eldritch Horror
We offer the whole range as great value digital downloads which you are free to print for your own use.  Every download contains the book, its covers plus an ‚ease print‘ version for simple printing at home.  We also have some A6 format printed versions.  At the cheaper just 3.00GBP price for a set of rules immediate…its awesome!  Go HERE.
USEME can be played with any suitable 15mm miniatures or miniature starships for this free bundle of files.  Miniatures from our HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range are always popular as are those from the classic Laserburn Range.  We also have some excellent Fleet Scale Mecha as well.  
To celebrate the mega bundle we have put an offer on our HOF Grey Aliens with their Landing Party and their Flying Saucer as well as our HOF Skimmers with SFA Riders and Skimmers with Rim Merc Riders.  All of these are 15% off their regular prices. Go HERE. Enjoy!
Excellent work by Vic and have fun with the free bundle and offers!
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