V8 Interceptor – the start of some mad max style rules

There are a lot of Mad Max fans in my local hobby club. Some of them are converting small toy cars into nice tabletop miniatures. I joined in with my own V8 Interceptor conversion. We are working on a ruleset for a Mad Max styled combat with cars, to use the vehicles on the tabletop.

The V8 Interceptor driven by Max Rockatansky is one of my favorite movie cars so I built that iconic vehicle as my first conversion. I used a Hot Wheels ´73 Ford Falcon as a base.

After priming I painted the Interceptor in a dark violet colour modulation. After that the main colours like rust and metal got painted on. I finished the vehicle with a heavy drybrush of earthbrown.

The next vehicle will probably be a Nux Car like Hot Rod. Stay tuned.




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