VNT41 Stone Maw the Troll released!

A new monster in the Alternative Armies high fantasy range and this one would be excellent for several scales.  A Troll sculpted by Darklight Miniatures called Stone Maw!  He is old school awesome.  Go HERE or read on for more about it and some of our other most popular monsters. This is a lovely miniature in the grand tradition and great for just about any system including Song of Blades and Heroes and HOTT 2nd Edition as well as DarkeStorme.
VNT41 Stone Maw the Troll
This code contains one resin and white metal miniature in two pieces.  A classic styled Troll good for 28mm scale or 15mm scale too. Stone Maw is armed with a great stone headed hammer and wear the pelt of a big wolf upon his back as well as sporting an eye patch (he lost the eye to the same Bane Wolf).  He fits right in as a foe or ally for your warbands or army.  Easy to assemble with a separate arm and stands 50mm tall.  Supplied unpainted and without a base (shown on a 30mm base) note other miniature shown for scale (OH1 Goblin from Nilbogs Band) and not supplied.  Go HERE.  8.00GBP per pack.
Here is an image of this model from all angles.
Here is a the scale photo with a Goblin Warrior from the ten pose pack OH1 Nilbogs Goblin Band.
Alternative Armies has many other high fantasy 28mm scale monsters and creatures which are great for your collection.  Here are a selection of them to suit Orc and Goblin armies as well as Undead Hosts and Dwarven Guilds plus others.  Some are 40mm tall, others 60mm a couple 80mm and one a massive 110mm!  Enjoy.
Dwarf Runic Golem
Tree Demon
Our 28mm Giant Troll (with free 28mm Orc Hero)
Old English Dragon
The Djinn
Flying Wraith
Bearish Owls
We have two different Weekly Deals beginning each Monday for seven days with 10% off two entire collections; one 28mm scale and the other 15mm scale. 

This Week it is the VNT 28mm Fantasy Range of Undead and Creatures plus the 15mm Medieval Range. Go HERE.

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