„Vorwarts Meine Kinder! On to Paris!“

 I have finished my first unit of Prussian musketeers. These are entirely Perry plastic figures. I kept 1 command figure out to be a Big Man in Sharp Practice. I purchased extra command sprues so that every 4 stands will include a command stand and flag, because flags are important in a horse and musket era game.

With their red collars and cuffs these are either a West Prussian or Brandenburg regiment. So I gave them the flag for the 2nd battalion of IR Nr.8 (1st Brandenburg) because I liked it.

I have 5 more battalions, so I’ll do another red cuffed Brandenburg/West Prussian and 2 each of Silesians with yellow collars and cuffs and Pomeranians with white.

But I’m not obsessing over the shoulder strap colours for each battalion or the different coloured sword knots for each company.

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