War Bot free in orders until 1st May 2023 use in any scale gaming

War Bot free in orders until 1st May 2023 use in any scale gaming

“Welcome to the front line soldier.  Welcome to hell or at least its front lawn.  Meet your protector.  Big Mean Green…he will be by your side out there.  I would stay behind his metal back if I were you!”

From 1st March 2023 until 1st May 2023 (two months) the brand new War Bot is free automatically in all orders placed with Alternative Armies.  As many orders as you wish for any value and using any discount code you might have.  The only rule is this.  The order must require to be shipped which means any Digital Download only orders do not qualify sorry!  Just order and we will do the rest.  You can buy AS016 War Bot as well if you want to and you will still get one of it in your package free all the same.  Worth 10.00GBP.

The War Bot is armed with an energy beamer on one arm and a manipulator hand or fist on the other.  The model is made of high quality resin and comes in three pieces (the arms are separate and can be posed on their ball type sockets).  Easy to assemble it stands 40mm tall to top of the model.  Shown on a 30mm round from our Bases Range.  Great for any game system.

AS016 War Bot can be used in any scale.  Yes it was sculpted to work alongside anything from 6mm to 28mm.  It depends on how you paint and detail it.  In 28mm scale it is a robot and its single eye shines over chest armour.  In 15mm scale that chest armour is a cockpit which can have a glass canopy or different colour with the ‚head eye‘ becoming a sensor cluster for a battlesuit.  It is a titan walker in 6mm scale and on its right shoulder is an armour piece which can be painted as a cabin for the operators.  Excellent!  

Here is a scale picture next to an Alternate Stars 28mm miniature, a HOF 15mm miniature and a stand of Bradley Miniature 6mm Grenadiers.  This War Bot fits right in with them all.

So what can you expect in March and April and why is this brand new model free for two months rather than the usual one?  There will be two really big releases both remastered and restored in March.  One will be for fans of fantasy and Asgard (above and early access HERE) and the other for Fintloque and Slaughterloo who like to be a rolling horse drawn on the battlefield or cobbled streets.  Details first and second week of the month.  Beyond this you will have to wait and see as Spring will be sprung and that means the annual mega event late on in the month.  April will be jam packed let me tell you!  So two months for this free model so that no one misses out; it is as simple as that.

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