War of the Pacific Coastal Terrain Repaint

War of the Pacific Coastal Terrain Repaint

The terrain modules as they are now….

…and as they will look after a repaint (I hope)

I’m thinking of repainting my existing coast terrain modules for the War of the Pacific naval games I’ve been playing and for a potential mini-campaign. I originally painted them with a green vegetation effect on the top but have now decided to make some new terrain modules for temperate areas, so can revert the old ones to a desert finish. This will mean a basecoat and successive layers of paint to match the finish on the cliffs and cover up the offending green bits, so nothing too complicated. I am also going to make a few more sections using the left over bits of high density foam that I’ve saved, including a port or coastal town, for example, so that I can run some blockade scenarios, shore bombardments and amphibious landing games.

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