Warchest Blog paint up our 15mm Elf Cavalry

I am a big fan of Jimboba who runs the mighty Warchest blog.  He recently added to his Alternative Armies collection and painted up our Elf Cavalry from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  These figures were released back in June with a new resin horse as well as a brand new command pack making five packs with mounted Elves in the range.

Lovely brush work and you can see the original posting on the Warchest HERE.  HOT42 and HOT43 and well as HOT9.  Nicely done!

We have a whole High Elf Army in packs in the range.  Here are the details and you can find these by searching by code on the website.  Every infantry and cavalry pack offers the choice of a pack or a ’sampler‘ giving one of each pose in the pack which is ideal for skirmishing or adding to larger units.
HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT8 Elf Command 
HOT9 Elf Knights with Sword
HOT42 Elf Knights with Lance
HOT43 Elf Knights with Spear
HOT10 Elf Spearmen
HOT11 Elf Bows
HOT20 Elf Chariots
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf Crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes
In case you were wondering which monster is the most popular to go alongside wargamers choices from our Elves in their orders it is actually HOT33 Chimera.  A three headed creature which is a foe to High Elves and Wood Elves and an ally of Dark Elves in battle.
For the entire one hundred and twenty plus packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range go to our website HERE.
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