Wargames Annual 2022 Released Featuring Some of my Work!

Wargames Annual 2022 Released Featuring Some of my Work!

A proud moment for me and a bit of a shameless plug but if you buy a copy of the Wargames Annual 2022 available from Caliver Books HERE you will find a number of very high resolution pictures of my Anglo Danes and Early/Justinian Byzantines

After offering Charles Grant some photos of a vignette of Fred Burnaby at the Battle of Abu Klea  moments before his death for the Wargames Annual 2021 I was very pleased to be asked back again the next year and was able to send a large selection of images of my Anglo Danes and Early Byzantines for publication in the Wargames Annual 2022.
As I say, a shameless plug! The wargames annual is a great publication; last years Second Battle of El Teb scenario for Kevin Kalder’s Up the Nile rules was the highlight for me and I have been mustering my Mahdist and British armies in readiness to eventually play that very scenaario.

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