Wargames Illustrated No.423, March 2023

Wargames Illustrated No.423, March 2023

For the second month running I was tempted to buy a copy of WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED.

Wargames Illustrated No.423, March 2023

Yet again, it was a couple of articles that tipped the balance.

The first was Jervis Johnson’s article about the campaign system (STRATEDY & GUILE) that he has developed to work with his latest Napoleon rules, VALOUR & FORTITUDE. Whilst STRATEGY & GUILE are designed to work with these rules, they look as if they can be easily adapted for other periods. Movement is on a point-to-point map, and it looks as if the amount of admin that the umpire or umpires have to to is reasonable and not too onerous.

The other article that attracted my attention was by Jim Graham, and was about Operation Polo, the Indian annexation of Hyderabad in 1948. Having already designed and played a game about Operation Vijay (the Indian annexation of Goa in 1961), I’ve looked at refighting this very short campaign myself several times … and this might just be enough encouragement to do so!

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